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Hello, my name is Nkanya Nkwai and I now call beautiful Boulder, Colorado my home.  I am the screenwriter of The African Boy, a movie about a boy from an enclave village in the central-west Africa country of Cameroon.

It is not enough that he comes from an underprivileged community where his people are still living in total ignorance and a complete abandonment and neglect by an autocratic dysfunctional government, he also comes from  a huge polygamous family. His dad was married to seven wives and he has 41 siblings. All this people have a single home , at least before the man's death.  This guy, Emmanuel is one of the few siblings who succeeded in getting an education through the sponsorship of well wishers and family friends. But the lack of opportunity in Cameroon has left the family devastated in abject poverty.

Emmanuel who has been studying at the university in the city visits his village after his graduation but shocked at the suffering and ignorance of the people. His younger siblings can't go to school, their house is dilapidated but no means to repair it. He shares his bed with three other siblings in a room where they are three other beds filled with other siblings... to a larger extent the community is still under a spell of witch hunting, superstition and profuse ignorance. Looking at this reminds Emmanuel about people who he had witnessed being buried alive along their deceased relatives under witchcraft accusations. Emmanuel decides that he is plunging into the wild to source for an alternative to be able to help this people.

Three years later, Emmanuel enters the United States of America after an incredible trajectory of going through South Africa, Egypt and Lithuania. He is excited and hopeful that he has come to a place where he might get an opportunity to achieve his dream but he is shocked by his host who is a sexual predator. Emmanuel is stranded but because of his education and travel experience he wisely exits the man's house. He is now hiding in a home of a "good Samaritan" as he is planning to go to another city to live there with a couple he met in Europe.

He safely moves to this city to live with this American couple who accepts him as one of them. This couple who has known him for sometime knows about his background. They are treating him with love and care. They are trying to figure out something for him but because of the nature of the visa Emmanuel has, not much can be done. However they are determined to do something... Emmanuel is happy in their home and trying to recover from the stress and shock he has been into but another straw comes in when his dearly cherished sister dies of HIV, his girlfriend breaks up with him. this ruins his attempt to get on his feet.

A few weeks later Emmanuel falls seriously ill and is rushed into the the emergency room of the hospital and later to the operation room. As they begin the surgery something happens with the electricity, but Emmanuel pulls through the surgery.  In recovery, Emmanuel and the doctor become friends and the doctor becomes an activist for Emmanuel and his people. CAMERA FADES

That is the story line of The African Boy. I drew upon my life experience to write the script. 

Now let me tell you about the financial aspect of this project...

The budget of the movie is $27000, most of the movie will be shot here in America (Denver-Aurora and Boulder) but a part of it has to be shot in Cameroon. The home village where this guy comes from. Traveling from USA to Camera can be very expensive.

It is our conviction that this project is for a good cause. This is not only for entertainment purposes as you have read from the synopsis, it is a true life story. This project is also for education and empowerment  purposes as well Social Justice  activism. Not the least it is a project that will team up with other hard working Cameroon movie companies to give the Film industry an aptitude and quality to compete with her contemporaries in the sub-region.

That is why we are  not holding back but stepping out to appeal to you to help us in whatever way you can. Even a quarter or a buck will go a long way to help us get this project done.

You can make a donation through Paypal to nkanyason (at) yahoo (dot) com or simply contact any of the people below.

Thank you for reading and for being a part of this cause.

Contacts for The African Boy:

Michael O'Dell (Producer)
Tel:             917-554-1400      
email: michael (at) blankcanvasmusic (dot) com

John Gwan (Executive Producer)
Tel:             318.278.9221      

American Representative
Jean Jacques D. (Production Consultant)
Tel:             720.366.0418      

European Representative
Edith Blanche (Production Consultant)
United Kingdom
Tel:             +447881275185      
email: blissogen (at) yahoo (dot) com

Nkanya Nkwai (Screenwriter/Co-Producer)
Tel:             720.400.0594      
email: nkanyankwai (at) gmail (dot) com

The Director, Director of Photography Sound and light persons are all set. The cast is almost complete but we are taking our time because we are still working on the budget.

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